Hi Ho!

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13 responses to “Hi Ho!

  1. Casey

    Where did yall get the vest, hats, and belt buckles at? I have searched the internet, but everything is too expensive! My wedding is 11/11/11, I am trying to find things on short notice, so please…any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. mindi

    I was wondering where you got the dresses at?i love them!

  3. Mindi, thank you for your comment. The bridesmaid dresses were bought at JC Penny, tea stained and sewn by hand.

  4. this is so awesome that i’m in this picture…..far right….in the white dress :]

  5. Samantha W

    Where did you get these vests?

  6. Samantha, I am not sure where the vests are from. This is a link to the actual post http://bit.ly/ymv4jT; however, the vests aren’t mentioned. Here are some alternatives: http://bit.ly/A3dE2h and http://bit.ly/xuu9he. Good luck!

  7. Karen

    I was wondering where the brides dress came from I love it and it’s what I’m looking for… Much needed help!! Thank you!!

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