Marry in the Grove

I recently started working for this unique hotel in Coconut Grove, called the Mutiny Hotel. The property is overlooking  the beautiful Biscayne Bay and has a lot of history behind it. We like to think that if walls could talk, ours would tell an epic story…

In 1969, The Mutiny Hotel opened its doors for the first time, epitomizing the party atmosphere prevalent in the Grove in the 1970’s & 1980’s, and was the hotel of choice among the international jet-set, Hollywood celebrities, music industry icons and sport legends.


The Mutiny Hotel‘s elegant atmosphere and location in Coconut Grove makes it the perfect venue for a romantic wedding. Choose The Mutiny‘s intimate outdoor courtyard, surrounded by a melodic waterfall and lush tropical gardens to host your dream wedding. Our outdoor terrace inspires passion, while the Bounty Room, which opens directly onto the terrace, is an ideal setting for a cocktail reception and dinner.

Events & Marketing Coordinator: Anca Nechita



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2 responses to “Marry in the Grove

  1. Sarah Scotch

    I liiike the Mutiny. DO you know a good place to find wedding stuff like photographers, dresses and jewelry in Miami, or Coconut Grove, or whatever? Because I think I might want to get married here.

    • Sarah,
      I have a list of vendors I can recommend. If you live in the area and want to stop by the Mutiny, Id be happy to give you a tour of the hotel and share my list of vendors with you. Please let me know. You can call me at the Mutiny at 305 341 2897 to set up an appointment.

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