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Spring deliciousness

Picnics evolved from the elaborate traditions of outdoor feasts enjoyed by the wealthy. Medieval hunting feasts and Renaissance era country banquets can be credited with laying the foundation of the outdoor dining experiences we enjoy today. The history of picnicking is credited to the Europeans, and nowadays people all around the world enjoying participating in these leisurely outings. On romantic and family picnics a picnic basket and a blanket are usually brought along. Outdoor games or some other form of entertainment are common at large picnics [source]

Our friends at Cotton Candy are absolutely amazing. Special thanks for posting some of the greatest spring and summer picnic recipes ever. Check out dishes like the Watermelon and Tomato Salad, Grilled Sweet Potato Salad, Lemon Cupcakes with Basil Lemon Frosting, and a Hibiscus Lemonade. Click here for all of those refreshing recipes!



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you, me, and a bag of wendy’s…

by Tracy Turpen is the new way to trash your dress. Although it looks like they are having the time of their lives, I just don’t know if I would ever shower my wedding dress in mustard and ketchup… đŸ™‚

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Drink dispensers!?

I never thought I’d do a post on drink dispensers, but I found so many of them and they’re all so cute!

via inspired by this

via style me pretty

via kelly oshiro events

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the lovely mason jars.

such multiple uses, such beautiful ideas!

Hang them…

Light them…

Kiss them…

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What a great idea!

This weekend, treat yourself and your loved ones with a porch party! Refreshing and cool, this is just what you need in the 90 degrees Florida weather! Thank you frenchie and flea for sharing it!

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pretty foods

Squeeze in your all-time favorite grilled cheese mini bites in an appropriate manner! Dipped in tomato sauce!

Get everyone on the dance floor with these espresso shots n’ baby doughnuts!

Must haves: Mason Jar Spigot Drink Dispensers!

Cupcakes love!

Let’s do shoots! ..of multi-color veggie soup!

DIY miracles! French Wedding macaroons and strawberry and creme dudes!

Just pretty…pretty delicious!

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iced tea anyone?

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