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Social Events Ideas

Disco ball lights and projected French surrealist films, while a swing hung near the dance floor

Intimate barn scene with two tall signature bars and scattered seating and food station vignettes and hanging glass globes to lower the ceilings

A giant chalkboard filled with descriptive doodles served as the backdrop of the food spread

Gingham flags displaying table numbers tucked into vintage soda bottles filled with flowers

Interactive perfume bar where guests can create custom scents and take home as favors

A newlyweds’ hometown with a hand-painted backdrop of Central Park with natural lighting and real trees

Four-hundred luminaries filled with LED candles were hung from a large oval truss on the ceiling

Party hats, decorative ribbon, corded wire, and filament bulbs – makes for a great speakeasy themed party

Vodka shot bottles displayed in a sculptural arrangement of textured ice spheres

Customized wedding genealogy charts detail the relationship of the wedded couple to their guests with the help of a relationship key. Guests can browse the chart to learn about their tablemates

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Tacky contest!

Winners: ALL.

Not judging, just taking a different approach to the usual post. That is, posting things I’d never do! As a planner, sometimes you have to say “NO” to certain events because they could make your name look bad. Ask questions. Assume nothing. Don’t end up like this! 🙂

Cake time! Can I have the arm?

Wedding at the playboy mansion. Except that is wasn’t at the playboy mansion.

Let’s cut the cake! Or go to war!

The start of a great life together!

Next time don’t just assume the transportation has doors!

This is your wedding day not your wedding night!

Should we pop the champagne, the bride, or the groom?

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Wedding Fun!

I’ve always loved how lovely and playfully wedding shots taken in amusement parks look! Oh and isn’t it fun also?

once wed

wedding bee

corlis gray photography

A Beautiful Day

Ciras Photography


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Pretty wedding dresses…

..but not as pretty as the one my friend picked! We’ll wait to see that one on her wedding day! 🙂

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Great idea – Play that harp!

Did you know that you can hire her to play at your wedding? It really changes the ambiance of the room!

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Bridal Party.

I absolutely love everything about this picture.

via she walks in beauty

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Gorgeous Bouquet!

via martha stewart

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